Today’s Feature – Dragon Rags

I found another gem! Dragon Rags has just the most gorgeous items!

I absolutely love this painting! The colour just jumped right off the screen when I went to her shop. Gorgeous!

Squiggles - Acrylic, 8x10

Squiggles - Acrylic, 8x10

And how about this upcycled pin?

Rootbeer Float Upcycled Pin

Rootbeer Float Upcycled Pin

So cool!

So, of course, I sent off the list of questions. Lets read what she had to say, shall we?

Tell us a bit about you and your craft

Gosh. I do a little bit of everything. Most of my work is mixed media. Whether it is jewelry, a notecard, or an art piece, I enjoy using different methods to get my messages across. I also use approximately 90% recycled/reclaimed materials. In addition to the handmade items, I am also a photographer. I have a second shop on Etsy, JLynnPro, that carries my photography exclusively .

What inspires you?Nature. Deep experience and emotion. Spirituality. My dreams. I find I’m inspired just about every day. The days where I am not are just the worst!

Why is it important to you to use eco-friendly materials in your items?

I believe that all life is sacred and that it is important that our planet stay healthy. I like to produce as little waste as possible, not just in my art, but in my day-to-day life. Even with nine cats,we put out very little trash. We recycle everything we can at my house.

I also enjoy the challenge of giving things that would otherwise be cast off new life. Interesting note: I have plans to create a mixed media painting in which I’ll attempt to use Maryland red clay as a paint component. (I expect to start that piece this spring or summer.)

What is your favourite item and why?

This is a toughie. All of my items are made with love, and I feel like I’ve had a deep relationship with each of them during the creative process. Right now, I’d have to say it’s this:


As Above So Below Decorated Box

As Above So Below Decorated Box

My “As Above, So Below” decorated box. When the design started to come together and I started to put it all together, it was very exciting. I also feel I did a really good job with it. Except for the glue, this box is made from 100% recycled components (even the paint was reclaimed!)

If the world could only know one thing about you, what would you like that to be?

That though I don’t look the way many people believe they should look, I’m a hippie. 😉

And a couple of fun questions

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

An apple and a cup of coffee.

If you were a colour, what colour would you be and why?

Hm. Purple. It’s dignified, glamourous, and fun all at the same time.

If you could meet one historical figure, who would it be?

There are so many I would want it to be, but if I could only pick one, it would have to be Sojourner Truth. She fascinates me. She was very brave and very strong. She was truly a Wise Woman.

Make sure you stop by Dragon Rags shop. It’s gorgeous and you won’t regret it!!


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