Today’s Feature – Lofty Mornings

No one here really knows me, so you have no idea how much I love T-shirts. Seriously adore them! I wear them every day, no matter where I’m going. Shoot, if I could get away with it, I’d wear them to church! (actually I have, just underneath sweaters in cold weather)

So, Lofty Mornings shop really was a no-brainer for me. Gorgeous t-shirts and eco-friendly to boot!

I have to say, this design really caught my eye. I love the movement in it and am thinking seriously about getting one for myself and my daughter.

Mother Daughter

Mother Daughter

And of course I had to pick the little birdie to feature! 😉

Bird in a Tree

Bird in a Tree

So, I sent of my list of questions and here is what Lofty Mornings had to say!

Tell us a bit about you and your craft

What Inspires You?

Hi, I am inspired by the world around me on a daily basis. My art is a direct reflection of my thoughts, fears, dreams, relationships, and whatever subconscious gobbeldy-gook is jumping around at the time.
Each morning I climb into my loft and write and draw. The pens flow and I let my hand translate the thoughts of that particular day. I am often amazed at what the lines bring forth. This is how my business, Lofty Mornings, began.

Why Is It Important To Use Eco-Friendly Materials In Your Items?

I worry about a lot of things and I don’t like to see anyone or anything in a state of disrepair or sadness or pain. I hope by using water-based inks, soy-based cleaning liquids, and mostly organic cotton t-shirts in my screen printing business, I can leave less of a foot print on our declining environment.
What is your favourite item and why?

This is a difficult question. I like all of my shirts because the designs are straight from my heart and they all carry a special meaning for me but, If I have to choose one I would say “Walk the Walk” on the Earth Moss Alternative Apparel short sleeve t-shirt. This was my first t-shirt design I posted on Etsy. I used part of a photo I took in Philadelphia, cut it out of the larger picture and added texture to it in Photoshop. It was a fun process and one I plan to explore more. Oh, and I have a thing for that earthy green color.

Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

If the world could only know one thing about you, what would you like that to be?

I care

And a couple of fun questions

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

A croissant and a non-fat latte with a dab of whipped cream.

If you were a colour, what colour would you be and why?
Green, truly. Green, to me, is comforting, relaxing, and warm.

If you could meet one historical figure, who would it be?
Jesus. I am not religious but I would like to meet the real “guy”, hang out with him and learn what he really had to say because I am little worried his words have gotten mixed up over the centuries.

Stop by Lofty Mornings and have a look around!


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  1. Great interview! I enjoyed reading about Lofty Mornings T-shirts and inspirations.

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